About us

SIA “BaltService” (construction merchant registration No. 9529-R) was founded in 2011 and is a financially stable and competitive company.

The main activity of the company is design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (AVK), assembly/disassembly of engineering communications, system maintenance and other unclassified specialized construction works.

SIA “BaltService” offers the entire range of services, starting from consultations and project development, ending with assembly and warranty service. We have rich experience in the installation and design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The company performs AVK system design, assembly and adjustment works not only in apartments and private houses, where people must have comfortable conditions for maintaining normal life functions, but also in objects with special requirements, where it is necessary to ensure the desired air parameters for technological processes or storage of material values, for example in laboratories , in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, pharmaceutical industry and large shopping centers.

Our specialists perform the necessary calculations and help you find a more optimal solution.


The company’s mission is to provide safe and high-quality design and construction services to existing and potential customers and to offer the most efficient, sustainable and advanced engineering solutions.


The main goals of the company are increasing the competitiveness of the development and assembly of internal engineering communications projects in the Latvian market, ensuring a high-quality service level for customers, achieving high security of engineering networks, as well as the use of modern and efficient technologies.

Our core values:

  • Responsible attitude and quality. The company’s specialists have all the necessary competencies and experience to provide safe and top-quality design and construction services.
  • Long-term cooperation. Cooperation with the client is characterized by reliability, flexibility and sustainable solutions, which include effective cost and schedule monitoring.
  • Reliability. The company’s specialists keep their promises and operate in the long term, so customers can rely on it.
  • Safety. It is both in the working environment and in all construction solutions.
  • Professionalism. Special value has been paid to professionalism both in the proposed solutions and in constantly improving the competences of the company’s team.

Completed works can be viewed in the section – Our work.